Tips To Sell Your Home FAST The First Time

Dated: 09/09/2016

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Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

Avoid trouble selling your home

Here are some helpful hints from an expert in the real estate market.

Before your first showing and definitely before the photographing of your home you need to take care of potential problems that will drive buyers away and prevent a sale.

  1. Pack Your Personal Items and Move Them out of the house.  We all have those wonderful family photos and memorabilia that we’ve collected over the years. The potential buyer doesn’t need to see these things. It all turns into clutter in their brains. K.I.S.S. your home… keep it simple sister! Cleaner is better! Put your personal stuff into storage. It will make moving easier anyway! These items will all be packed and ready for transport to your new home.

  1. Fix It Up. If you’ve been putting off fixing that sticky door or whatever, DO IT NOW! Those little repairs pay off in big dividends when there’s nothing for the buyer to complain about.

  1. Stage Your Home. First impressions are extremely important when you are trying to sell your largest investment. The potential buyers want to see and smell clean when they walk through your house. (See my next tip!) Make your lived in space look like a hotel room... furniture sparsely placed, with very little else. I have seen great homes left in the wake of a potential buyer because of the way the house was set up. At the same time, some cute little homes that were staged and needless to say, clean, maybe without everything the buyer wanted, ended up selling.

Finally,  CLEAN Your Home. And keep it that way until it is sold. Get rid of the hampers of dirty laundry. Clean the sinks and bathtubs of all personal hygiene essentials. There is nothing worse than a dirty bathroom recently used. Come on! Get it clean or have it cleaned, and keep it that way. Beds need to be made up every morning, dishes washed and food put away, floors mopped, bathrooms sparkling, faucets sparkling, grout clean, windows washed, catbox emptied, cigarette smoke dealt with. If a potential buyer smells or sees disagreeable things, it will kill a deal.

Join me next time for more tips on selling your home quickly!

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